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Your first answer is probably, “of course it is. We have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, we’re on LinkedIn, and we even have a Pinterest account. We’re way ahead in this ballgame.” But take a closer look and ask how is all of this social interaction impacting your hotel? The article The Impact of Social Media on Hotels” that appeared on ehospitality.com really stirred some thoughts.

The problem I have with the perspective of the article is that it focuses on “review sites” as opposed to consumer/guest engagement through social media.  A review posting to me is on the lowest end of the social scale.  It’s impersonal, private, often times ambiguous and one-way…

I really wish they had some the same study on a social engaged hotel vs. non-socially engaged hotels with similar hotel dynamics to compare the rise in repeat guest rate, occupant, rate, reach and branding…

And another problem is that it’s so difficult to accurately gauge.

Social media faces all the same difficulties in measurement that PR does, except organizations give PR a “free pass” when it comes to measurement and reporting direct impact.

Also, there aren’t tools out yet that are linking individuals across all platforms. No CRM tool has successfully integrated social media without requiring the guest to include it. It would be a powerful tool if someone could develop a CRM platform that not only tracks user preferences and such, but also social media presence and awareness.

After reading this, can you readily define how social media is impacting your hotel? Let us know how. And how you know.