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The technology industry is ever evolving. And the hospitality industry must evolve with it in order to keep up with the needs and demands of consumers. If you’re not with the current trends, you’re against them–or worse yet, you’re not even a part of the advancing technological equation. And if you’re not a part of the advancing technological equation, you become a “non-factor” to your customers and your potential consumers. And what happens to non-factors? Non-Growth, Non-Bookings, and (ultimately) Non-Sales happen to non-factors. Although those phrases may be grammatically incorrect, they embody an eventual truth–if consumers don’t know you exist, how will they be able to book with you and use your services? The short answer is–they won’t. If you’re not present in mobile media, you can’t be the most effective in the hospitality marketplace.

And even if you are current with the technology this month, if you don’t stay updated on the trends, next month you’ll be lagging behind. As I said before, technology is advancing. And it is advancing at a rapid pace.

Did you know that mobile phones now account for 10% of all bookings? As technology evolves, your job will be dependent upon you understanding how smart devices work within the industry and your application of that knowledge.

If you aren’t aware of what’s happening in mobile media, or even if you are aware of the current media changes that impact your industry, there’s an upcoming event that you need to attend. “Are You Smarter Than Your Smartphone? Fuel Your Mobile Sales” is an informative must for anyone who counts him or herself as a staple in the hospitality industry. At this April 26th event, VHSMP and HSMAI together will share:

-What apps are best for marketing your property.

-How apps can increase loyalty.

-How to manage contacts and distribute important information.

Again, this event is on April 26th from 3:00pm–5:00pm. It will take place at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel. There will be a social hour afterward for you to network and learn more.

Don’t be a non-factor, be a pro-actor. Download the registration form here.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Virginia Association of Hospitality Sales & Meeting Professionals:

Tom – 888-441-5454 or info@vhsmp.org

HSMAI Virginia: 

Steven – 949-751-8395 or sherron@hyperdisk.com