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Angel with mobile phone

Angel with mobile phone (Photo credit: Akbar Sim)

Fuel Your Mobile Sales!

46% of US mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of Q4 2011
41.8% of US mobile subscribers have smartphones
400,000 iPhone apps and 300,000 Android apps

The statistics are startling. The pace of adoption of these new technologies is unprecedented. And mobile now accounts for 10% of all bookings.Meeting professionals are now using specialized apps for RFP’s, event management, event marketing, and contacting hotel sales departments.

Do you have a smartphone? What should you consider when purchasing a smart device? What apps should you use? How do apps help me increase my sales? How can I use apps to promote my F&B outlets?

Understanding smart devices and using apps will soon be a mandatory function of your job (if it isn’t already) and could possibly even be required to land a job.

Get the answers to these questions and become an expert on these technologies to further your career and improve your sales and marketing effectiveness.

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