How do some hotels get a variety of rich media and content posted under their listing on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP?) In the example below you will notice the Montage Hotel has limited information while Pacific Edge Hotel, and the Inn at Laguna Beach both have Google Reviews and a Rate listed.

Google listing for "laguna beach hotels"

Consumers are impatient. Hotel reviews are important factors in making their booking decisions. By incorporating “Rich Snippets” into these hotels’ website programming, both Google Reviews and rates are visible directly in the search results. This helps increase traffic over the hotels (Montage for example) that do not have this data available. Rich Snippets include micro-formats. Be sure to have your SEO company or online marketing partner using this programming to increase your search engine program’s effectiveness.

Microformats | About Microformats.

To see if your site utilizes Rich Snippets, or if your competitors are ahead of you on this, use Google Webmaster Tools to check it.