The feedback is flooding in about our event yesterday. Before I say anything, I’ll let you read a few to determine if it was a success or not.

Yesterday was an achievement.  Way beyond my league – good quality speakers and content.  Yes indeed this is a new day!!!!!!


Thank you for bringing me to a great meeting with some real down to earth people.  I sometimes get nervous at association meetings because you never know which ones are going to be “clicky” or a blast.  Well, I can tell you that your group is the latter.  What a great group of humble people looking to do what these things are meant to do.  Meet and educate.


Rob and Randy were extremely efficient at explaining a very complex issue, to the point where I feel comfortable bringing it up and explaining during our 2012 budgeting process currently going on here.  I look forward to brining the great info to my team in excellent detail next week as NASCAR leaves town and we return to a sense of normalcy(whatever normalcy can be considered in a sales department).


Absolutely keep me on the email list for upcoming events.  I can’t promise I will be able to attend all of them, but I will be trying to make an effort to fit as many as I can in my schedule as time warrants it.

I let those words speak for themselves. BTW – Our next event is November 22, 2011. Visit HSMAIVA for more information.