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US budget 2007

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Not only are we hitting the dog days of summer, it is rapidly approaching budget season. Many view the chores associated with preparing the 2012 budget with dread and gloom. You needn’t. HSMAI has the tools and resources to assist you in your analysis and planning.

  • Need to know how much to budget for social media?
  • What are best practices for managing OTA’s?
  • What trade shows offer the best opportunity for my property?
Those are just a few of the questions HSMAI can help you answer. Much of the material is archived and available to non-members for purchase and members for free. If you are a member, there are templates, sample budgets, and case studies available typically at no cost. 
Visit HSMAIVA.com or HSMAI.org and make this budget season a lot less painful.
Remember, your local chapter members are a great resource as well. Visit our Facebook page to post question and/or read comments from area professionals facing the same issues as you.
And thank goodness you are not having the make the budget decisions looming for President Obama and the Congress!