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I attended a hospitality industry conference over the past weekend where I was approached by two colleagues, and knew of others in attendance who were in the same boat, who are searching for new opportunities. I am not mentioning the conference or the organization which produced it. I do find it ironic however that this association is locally based without the support and resources of an international office such as HSMAI and all of these people were members prior to this group ending its affiliation with HSMAI. There is now another HSMAI chapter yet those choose not join.  Each of these individuals could have instant access to:

  1. An entire database of industry professionals along with their contact information
  2. Access to an industry specific Job Board filled with hundreds of opportunities
  3. The ability to network with vast numbers of their peers locally, regionally and around the world.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch and listen to Barb Bowden, General Manager, Peabody Orlando, and Vice President of Revenue Management, Peabody Hotel Group.

Yes, membership in HSMAI has advantages. If you wish to learn more about what these advantages are and how to best utilize them, please contact me at sherron@hyperdisk.com or visit http://hsmaiva.com for more information.