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Are you getting your share of Government Business? If you are involved in the hospitality industry in Virginia, you need to attend this luncheon. You will learn how to capture more of the lucrative and important market segment.

Based on 2009 FedRooms data , below is the ACTUAL lodging spend, tracked by credit card usage.

FedRooms Estimates lodging  spend is closer to 2X this amount.

Virginia Beach 55.2 Million

Richmond 16.1 Million

Charlottesville 4.5 Million

Prince George Va 2 Million

Suffolk, Va 1.4 Million

Langley AFB  1.3 Million

Chincoteague $492,000

Sato year end data for 2009 Reflected 39,340 Roomnights booked into City Code ORF and 3.5M in revenue

An additional 6487 roomnights booked in PHF at $519,00 in revenue

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