The word economy

Photographer: renjith krishnan

Virginia, and especially the Hampton Roads region, benefited enormously in the last 20 years when military bases around the country were closed as part of BRAC. The relocation of troops, ships, and air wings caused millions of dollars to pour into our economy through home purchases, sale of retail goods, restaurant sales and hotel stays. It happened again after 9-11 with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Our area prospered more than most areas of the country. And government meetings became a steady and reliable source of revenue for area hotels and eateries. All of that is changing. A few recent headlines will provide a glimpse of what is coming.

Plans for closing Joint Forces Command likely ready next month

Cuts to US defense budget look inevitable

The well may not be running dry but the market for government meetings is certainly getting more competitive. Do you have what it takes to ensure you are getting your share? Black silhouettes of people with big red question mark in foregroundHow do you know? What tools will you need and how will you carve out your niche in this changing landscape?

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