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Bryan Bruce, Your Brand Voice, presented our attendees with a picture of how to market more effectively via mobile devices and mobile applications for events. I noted several significant ideas that I am posting here. I am also including additional resources and information for on mobile marketing that are appearing on the horizon and will significantly impact hospitality marketing.

Early in the presentation Bryan gave a quick overview of social media and how active meeting professionals are in it. He suggested one way to capture business from an event that is happening near you. Here is an example (Bryan had different ones):

Tweet: Reception tonight at  5:30 in Spinnakers Grill
Conference: NATO Convention
Hashtag: #nato2011
Your Tweet in response: Your feet need a break! Foot massage special and we’re across the street! #nato2011

Even if your hotel, restaurant, or attraction is not involved with a convention, you can still market to the attendees by using their hashtags and creative messaging.

He also showed examples of how large conventions are utilizing mobile applications to make events it easier for attendees to connect with each other (SpotMe), make reservations for dinner, learn about seminar updates, and even allow sponsors additional exposure by inserting their logo and other information directly into the application. In many cases, he said, the sponsors actually pay for the application development (typically around $20,000) for the right to have their information embedded into the app. Not a bad deal if you ask me, considering a website can cost anywhere from $20,000 – $50,000 and may not reach the highly targeted audience the app can provide.

I really like the feature of being able to schedule transportation with one or two clicks right from the event’s mobile application. That is a real time saver when I want to take clients or prospects to dinner or insure that I will reach the airport in time for my flight.

Bryan had the difficult task of trying to demonstrate mobile marketing for hotels and event professionals; just talking about mobile for hotels could take an entire day! I’ll attempt to provide additional resources which may apply more specifically to hospitality professionals other event managers.


One item I am watching in particular right now is QR CodesThese Quick Response Codes are images are scanned by mobile applications to reveal special offers or any message you wish to embed in them. These codes are Open Source, meaning free to create, and there are lots of websites such as Kaywa where you can create your own codes for customers to download coupons, discounts or even happy birthday wishes.

More mobile marketing resources I am either currently utilizing or watching closely are:

Location based marketing services:



Google Places, which Bryan briefly mentioned

And you just knew there had to be an association for it http://mmaglobal.com/main

I at least scan Mobile Marketing Watch once a day because, as you know, technology and innovation is occurring at an ever more rapid rate, and mobile is no different.

I recommend you keep coming back here too. I’ll be posting much more about mobile in the future I can assure you.